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Are you handling a loved one's estate? Downsizing for retirement? An estate / liqiuidation auction is the easiest way to sell your stuff for fair market value. You don't have to own a houseful of antiques to have a successful estate auction. Good used furniture, household goods, tools, collectibles - your belongings are worth money!

We also handle inventory liquidation auctions for governmental entities: school board, parish, police jury, town, etc.

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Estate Auctions. RiverTown provides a full range of Estate Auction services, from helping with a simple downsizing to cleaning out an entire household. Don't let the phrase "Estate Auction" scare you. You don't need a house full of expensive antiques to take advantage of our services. We specialize in Estate Auctiions for the average homeowner.

Business & Government Liquidation Auctions. Whether you are going out of business, cleaning out your warehouse, or just need to liquidate some inventory, we can help.

Estate Auction vs. Tag Sale. Which is better, an auction or a tag sale (aka estate sale)? It depends! Find out more here.

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RiverTown Auction is owned and operated by Tom Sexton who is licensed and bonded in the State of Louisiana, license #1911. We charge a 10% Buyers Premium.

Many people think auctions and tag sales (also called estate sales) are very similar. They ARE similar in some ways. First, the seller pays a commission for the services of either the auctioneer or the tag sale provider. Second, both the auctioneer and the tag sale provider “stage” the items for sale, provide advertising, hire staff, and conduct the sale. But that’s where the similarities end. Take a look at the important differences between these two selling methods:

AUCTION: The selling price is determined by competitive bidding.  Every person at the auction has an equal chance to bid, and at the end of the bidding the highest bidder wins. This is true market value.

TAG SALE: The selling price is set by the tag sale provider. If the price is too high, the item will not sell. If the price is too low, the item will sell for less than market value. NOTHING will sell for more than the price determined by the tag sale provider. Studies show that about 80% of items sold at tag sales go for less than true market value.


AUCTION: Everything sells! If an item does not receive a bid, we put it with another item and sell the two together. Sometimes we must put several items together. But at the end of the auction, everything is sold. You are not left with items that must be donated or taken to the dump.

TAG SALE: On average, about 20% of items in a tag sale will remain unsold. In most cases, you will be responsible for getting rid of the unsold items. Some tag sale providers will offer to do this for you, although they may charge a “clean up” fee.


AUCTION: An auction usually attracts a large crowd of potential buyers. All of these potential buyers have the opportunity to bid on each and every item in the sale. Market value determines the selling price.

TAG SALE: A tag sale also usually attracts a large crowd of potential buyers, but they drift in over the 2 or 3 days of the sale. If an item is sold early on the first day, very few potential buyers have an opportunity to see it. Furthermore, most buyers at tag sales do not look at every item offered for sale; many items never catch their attention. Even if they DO see it, they will never pay more than the tag price. Remember, items at tag sales sell for the tag price, a reduced price, or not at all. NOT at market value.


AUCTION: The Auctioneer SELLS your item. He creates a sense of excitement and urgency. He strives to get the highest possible price for your item.

TAG SALE: The tag sale provider merely puts a price tag on your item. He may try to SELL the item if a particular person shows interest in it, and if he happens to notice that person. But he never attempts to obtain a higher price than the price on the tag.


AUCTION: Our Auctioneer is licensed and bonded after passing a test administered by the Auction Board in the State of Louisiana. There are strict State laws and Auction Board regulations governing auctions and auctioneers. These laws and regulations protect both the seller and the buyer from malfeasance.

TAG SALE: No license or bond is required; any person can conduct a tag sale with no laws to protect the seller or buyer.


AUCTION: We provide a complete accounting of every item sold: a description of each item, the winning bid amount, and the commission we earn on the sale of that item.

TAG SALE: Sometimes you will get a shoebox of price tags at the end of the tag sale. Usually, you just get a check, with no indication of what sold and for how much it sold.